Cosmical Brothers




Ingo Frischeisen has traveled the world as a multi-instrumentalist, mainly focusing on the gong. His journey has taken him from the Acropolis to Red Square, Trondheim (the home of the Vikings) to Cyprus, Aphrodites island. He has worked with a diversity of artists and musicians, played in a wide range of groups, and participated in numerous concerts and experimental projects.

1987 to 1990, together with the contemporary artist Tarkis Konstantin, he created musical sculptures such as 1987 Sirens, an installation for the renowned Dokumenta 8 in in Kassel, Germany.

1987 Cosmic Night, a production with Brian Eno in Copenhagen, Denmark.1988 Sirens, project collaboration with Berlin?s Technical University in Berlin culture-city1988.

Between 1990 and 1998, he was based principally in Athens, where he participated in concerts with Drums of Passion, made studio recordings with the gong for the album, Byzantine Meditation (Delphi Gong 7), produced by Alex Antheus and worked together with various DJs.

From 1998 to 2000 he composed music for the film Antaris. Following further music projects in Israel and Poland, he participat the ethnic band Freedomin Gdansk, Poland.

Since 2003 he has worked closely with the music producer Robert Usewicz in Poland, with whom he formed the band Navigator N-Vibe. Ingold plays gong, percussion, synthesizer and flute; the other members are Robert Usewicz (vocals, synthesizer, gong), Karolina Gorgol (vocals), Jan M. Pluta (drums), Piotr Dunajski (tuba).

Simultaneously Ingo Frischeisen and Robert Usewicz have done extensive experimental work to define new musical styles and sounds using a diversity of percussion instruments, synthesizers, tuba, didgeridoo, Tibetan balls etc. They have recorded outdoors, e.g. in the world-renowned Stocznia Docks in Gdansk, and remixed the recordings to form new sound landscapes. They call this new style Trance City Sound.

2010 Curious Egg was founded in Berlin, by Michael Neil, Wolfram Spyra, Kristoff Becker and Ingo Frischeisen.
The goal is for the experienced musicians to grate new soundscapes combine with visual art.

2015 founded Ingo Frischeisen, Flying World Records.


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