Curious Egg

Record Details

Ambient, Pschodelic.

Record Tracklist

  1. Furry Elise -:-- / 9:08
  2. Long Distance Conservation -:-- / 22:19
  3. The Great Silence -:-- / 10:06
  4. Shifting Ninths -:-- / 6:56
  5. Drugmazokaaniwah -:-- / 7:14

formed in Berlin in 2010

Curious Egg comprise of four veterans of the Electronic Music scene: Der Spyra, Michael Neil, Kristoff Becker aka Cellotronics, and Ingo Frischeisen. They produce improvised music using a mix of cutting edge technology and traditional, if somewhat unconventional, instrumentation. Traditionally rooted in electronic music the band also have considerable experience as Sound Art practitioners coupled with an academic history in fine arts, experimental music, and the visual arts.

Their motivation is to join the growing number of artists reintroducing live performance into the club scene, whilst maintaining anemphasis on the technologies that have revolutionized contemporary music, coupled with traditional instrumentation within the context of improvisation.

The boys do not take themselves too seriously and like to
inject their music and performance with a comedic flavour.